TBGO Dance Team - Criteria for Prospective New Dancers

TBGO welcomes new members who performed in high school or college bands and would like to recapture the fun of those days. However, the dance team (and the band as a whole) is not intended to be an organization where performance skills are learned for the first time. To maintain performance standards for the band, prospective members of the dance team are expected to exhibit a minimum standard of proficiency as described below.

Prospective additions to the dance team
must demonstrate and agree to the following:

  1. Perform a short routine that demonstrates dance skills and knowledge of dance and terminology. Suggestions will be provided before the interview.
  2. Previous marching band experience is preferred---understand how to march, stay in step, signals, guide right, halt etc.
  3. Attend and participate in regular practices and events.
  4. Be responsible for learning routines, past and present in an appropriate time frame.
  5. Have the ability to participate in parades and field shows.
  6. Have the ability to purchase uniforms, materials, accessories etc.
  7. Uphold The Beat Goes On Marching Band Code of Conduct.