TBGO Dance Team Guidelines

The goal of these Guidelines is to create and maintain a respectful, safe, learning and fun environment for every member of our Dance Team and the entire band in general.

General Guidelines

  1. Bring any issues or concerns to the Dance Captain as a first step in resolution.
  2. Ask permission for any physical touch.
  3. Honor and respect your teammates in conversations.
  4. Give full attention during instructions to reduce the amount of repetition required.
  5. Be on time for rehearsals.
  6. Give your full attention to band and other auxiliaries while they perform.
  7. Be in the staging area at the specified time to receive instructions and rehearse.
  8. Wear appropriate hair, make-up, and uniforms for performance events.

Dancer Performance Guidelines

Performance Make-up

  • Performance make-up is heavier than everyday make-up
  • Entire Face: Use a good foundation and sun block
  • Upper Eye Lid: Use a neutral colored eye shadow
  • Lower Eye Lid: Use a colored eye shadow (your choice), eye liner and mascara
  • Cheekbones: Use a darker blush than normal
  • Lipstick: Use a bright red lipstick

*If you are sensitive to make-up, please let the Dance Captain know

Performance Hair

  • You can wear any style you choose; long, short, curled, straight, up or down but it must be:
    • Clean
    • Kept out of your eyes
  • Wear the appropriate hair accessory as listed on the "logistical event e-mail" that you will receive ahead of time.

Performance Undergarments

  • Wear appropriate, supportive undergarments under your uniforms ie: black bras under dark tops etc.
  • If necessary, bra straps need to be pinned to the uniform to prevent slippage.
  • Nylons or tanning lotion are recommended when wearing leggings.