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Frankly, we're thrilled and amazed that you're willing to even consider donating to a group like ours -- thank you so much! We're grateful for every single donation -- even the small ones add up. We hope you get a deep feeling of satisfaction knowing that YOU make a difference in our ability to perform at a high school in the Bahamas or the Torchlight Parade at Seattle Seafair or in Shanghai or the Calgary Stampede — which means that YOU are part of that event too.

The Beat Goes On Marching Band is an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization; donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Donations to The Beat Goes On Marching Band qualify the donor to make matching donations to the Oregon Cultural Trust that are eligible for Oregon state tax credits to the extent specified by Oregon statute; see the Giving page on the Oregon Cultural Trust website for additional details.

To Donate via Credit Card or PayPal
To Donate via Check
Please click the Donate button below.
(You need not be a PayPal member)
Please make your check payable to "The Beat Goes On Marching Band"
and mail to the address below.
Treasurer, The Beat Goes On Marching Band
10321 SW Todd Ct
Portland, OR   97225-6959

Donations made via the PayPal link on this page are used to support general TBGO operations. If you would specifically like to support the band's ability to travel to and perform at major events, please see our Travel Assistance Program. To make a Memorial Donation in honor of a friend or loved one, please see our Memorial Donations page.


To contact us about making a gift to The Beat Goes On in other ways, please send mail to the TBGO Treasurer (



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