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82nd Avenue of Roses Parade 2017


Meet:  At 8:30 AM at Eastport Plaza (4000 SE 82nd Ave). Our staging area is in front of Century 16 Cinema. (On diagram below right, this is the yellow area that's right next to the purple area.). Units start moving into final position starting at 9 AM, so please be on time.

Parking:  Parade parking is is at the north (Bush St) end of Eastport Plaza, near Izzy's and the Post Office (see blue areas on map below right). Please observe VENDOR PARKING ONLY signs - these spaces are not intended for parade participants.

Parade:  The parade steps off at 9:30 AM. Route heads north on 82nd Ave from Eastport Plaza to Yamhill St, then turns west to disband at 78th Ave. Route is approximately 1.8 miles long and does have a couple of lengthy uphill stretches. Following the parade, buses will be available to return us to Eastport Plaza. Note, however, that you may have a long wait for the buses since they can't do their thing until after the whole parade ends. You may prefer to just walk back down the parade route to Eastport Plaza, which lets you watch the rest of the parade in reverse!

Uniform:   TBGO dress polo shirt (collared), black pants/belt, black socks, black shoes, TBGO hat. If you think you need additional warmth, add a black turtleneck or similar beneath the uniform shirt. We'll wait until we get closer to the parade date to make a decision on jackets.

Parade Music:

  1. Poker Face
  2. I'm Shipping Up to Boston
  3. Uptown Funk
  4. Heartache Tonight

Standstill Music:  45-minute standstill begins at 1 PM on the stage at Eastport Plaza (near the top of the green area on diagram at right). Please be at the stage ready to play no later than 12:45 PM.

Hot Stuff
Bang Bang
Over the Rainbow
Heartache Tonight
I’m Shipping Up to Boston
Salute to Julie and Homer
Uptown Funk 
Uma Thurman
Sweet Caroline
Runaway Baby

Parade Route
Click for customized map and directions

Eastport Plaza Map

Click for enlarged drawing; note that North is at LEFT

Multnomah Village 2017

More info on event logistics later, but here are the parade tunes for Multnomah Village. OUR GOAL IS TO DO THIS AS A "NO MUSIC" PARADE - EVERYONE HAS THESE 4 TUNES MEMORIZED FOR THIS PARADE

Parade Tunes:

  1. Wooly Bully
  2. Fireball
  3. I'm Shipping Up to Boston
  4. Poker Face

Bloemencorso Bollenstreek - Netherlands Trip Poll

As announced in earlier email and at rehearsal, we are considering the possibility that our “big trip” for 2018 may be to the Netherlands.  Bloemencorso Bollenstreek is a huge flower parade taking place every spring in the Netherlands, not far from Amsterdam.  The parade features elaborate floats decorated with bulb flowers (tulips, daffodils, etc.) and is a major event.  Check out this video to get a peek at the festivities.  The parade winds 24 miles through several towns over the course of the weekend; I’m pretty sure bands don’t stick with the parade for the entire route (yikes!!!), but am still seeking more detailed info on what parts of the route include bands and how that all works.

This would be about a week-long trip and would definitely include sightseeing as part of the trip.  Tom’s finger-in-the-air estimated cost is $1900 per person double occupancy; however, we anticipate using band funds and fundraising activities to lower that cost.  With that in mind, I’ve created a survey that asks how likely you would be to attend this event at various price points, much as we did before we committed to the China trip in 2014.  This way we’ll know whether we can assemble a solid band and how much money we’ll need to raise to make it happen.  If we do decide to make this trip in April 2018 (AND if we get accepted!), we’ll start signups in the not-too-distant future.  From a $$$ perspective, you’ll probably need a deposit of around $300 this summer to hold airfares etc, with the balance (however much that turns out to be) due around January.  We could potentially make this trip in either April 2018 or April 2019 (and the survey asks you about both dates); my preference is “go early – don’t wait!” but we’ll need to gauge your interest and timing preferences. 

With that said:  THE SURVEY POLL ON THE NETHERLANDS TRIP is now open at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/3T6TDVC.  The survey asks how likely you’d be to make this trip at price points ranging from $2000 per person to $0 per person (free) in April 2018 and April 2019.  We also ask whether you have a preference between those two dates.  If you have multiple travelers, please fill in a separate survey for each traveler since that simplifies our data analysis.  Note that non-performers are (as always) welcome to travel with the band, but would be responsible for their own travel costs (i.e., travel costs for non-travelers will not be partially subsidized by TBGO).

I’m going to leave the poll open through April 29, but hey – you’ve already been thinking about this, so go ahead and take the poll soon.  We appreciate your input since it will determine whether this trip is feasible (do we have enough interest, can we raise enough money).  Thanks for your input!

Click here to take the Netherlands Trip Poll via Survey Monkey


Click pix to enlarge




Long-Term Travel Plans

Major Road Trips

The Board has been talking with members informally to get travel ideas, and there's no shortage of fun things to do. After long discussion we have a plan to propose, built using these criteria:

It's time to put together the new travel plan with your input and then head off for new adventures!

Here's our current thinking on major road trips:

April 2018 or 2019: Bloemencorso Bollenstreek (Netherlands)

Bloemencorso Bollenstreek is a huge flower parade taking place every spring in the Netherlands, not far from Amsterdam.  The parade features elaborate floats decorated with bulb flowers (tulips, daffodils, etc.) and is a major event. See poll above to add your thoughts on making this trip.

Date TBD: Alaska Cruise

In the aftermath of our Bahamas cruise in 2012 we get lots of other "cruise" suggestions, with Alaska being among the most popular.We would look at a departure just after Rose Festival, before the rates climb to the stratosphere. This would be an Inside Passage trip, probably departing from and returning to Seattle. Typical itineraries on these trips include port stops at Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway, plus one or more days of cruising in Glacier Bay National Park. Plus whales, mountains, lots of gorgeous … you get the idea. The major problem with an Alaska trip is that there are no good existing events to target (the largest we can find is the July Fourth Parade in Juneau) and it would be challenging to coordinate a cruise schedule with events taking place in the ports. This would have to be another "invent your own venue" kind of trip, much like the Bahamas, which takes more work and probably results in smallish crowds. Estimated logistics: 7 nights, $1200-1400 per person (which includes food and all the usual cruise ship amenities)

DATE TBD: Kentucky Derby

On the first Saturday in May, "the most exciting two minutes in sports" takes place at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. Two days before the Derby the Pegasus Parade rolls 1.7 miles through the streets of Louisville with giant helium balloons of recognized characters, spectacular floats, marching bands, equestrian units, local and national celebrities (previous Grand Marshals include William Shatner, Gladys Knight, Muhammad Ali, Chubby Checker, Mickey Mouse, and Cyndi Lauper), and exciting performance groups. We would probably NOT attend the actual Derby; general admission in the infield is $75-$100 (and you can't see the race), with grandstand seating in the multiple hundreds of dollars. But other local attractions include the Great Steamboat Race, a full slate of Festival events, and tours of the Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat Factory/Museum. We'd also probably arrange a "touring" day through the Bourbon Trail, My Old Kentucky Home, and (maybe) Lincoln's Birthplace in Hodgenville. Yet another possibility would be to make the 90 minute drive to Cincinnati for a performance along the Ohio River, a Cincinnati Reds game, or a visit to Kings Island amusement park. Estimate 4 nights, $1000 per person.

Date TBD: Hawaii

Another perennial request. The most likely opportunity would be the Honolulu Festival Parade of Bands in March. The parade, which draws some 40,000 viewers, is currently considered the best parade in the state. There is a band and orchestra festival the same weekend, but that seems more geared to concert band performances. Overall, we think Hawaii is a great vacation destination but only a so-so target for a band trip. Nonetheless, we'll keep an eye out because you never know when we'll find just the right thing! Estimate 4 nights, $900-$1100 per person.

Date TBD: Cultural Tour of Cuba

We love the idea of a cultural barnstorming tour through Cuba, but it's still a little too soon for us to consider it - not enough flights, not enough rooms, too hard to execute. But we're gonna keep an eye on this one. Estimate 6 nights, $2000 per person.

Date TBD: McDonald's Thanksgiving Parade (Chicago)

We receive multiple solicitations for the McDonald's Thanksgiving Parade in Chicago each year, so our odds of getting in would probably be okay. Pluses: Major city, major parade, giant balloons, nationwide TV coverage on WGN, new area of country for us, holiday shopping along the Miracle Mile. Minuses: Chicago in November .... Estimate 3 nights at $950.

Date TBD: Village Halloween Parade (New York City)

Hundreds of giant puppets, more than 50 bands with music from around the world, thousands of New Yorkers in costumes of their own creation - sounds pretty wild, huh? And October would undoubtedly be warmer than, oh, the Macy's Parade in November. (Speaking of which: We think we would have to signficantly grow the band to even consider applying for Macy's, and we'd also have to be much "spiffier" in our uniforms and routines.) Anyway - Halloween in Greenwich Village could be fun! Estimate 3 nights at $1000-1100; would probably offer optional extensions.

Other "Big Ideas"

There are plenty of other ideas floating around, including a return to China (for example, the Luoyang Peony Festival with a side trip to see the Terracotta Warriors of X'ian), a return to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, etc. Both Bristol, Rhode Island and the Calgary Stampede have told us we'd be welcome back. The Board plans to work through some of these ideas and we also plan to survey our band associates to see what sounds popular and then put together a plan.

Regional Trips and Mini-Trips

Besides our annual "big road trip", we want to make a conscious effort to broaden our reach in regional events. This will certainly include day trips, but we'd also love to add roughly one "mini-trip" each year if the band can support it. In general, we'd try to space mini-trips so that they don't fall right on top of a major trip (i.e., we'll try to create "breathing room" between trips as much as we can.) A mini-trip would typically be closer to home, include a 1-2 night hotel stay, and cost in the range of $200-$350. Examples of mini-trips that we've done include the Wenatchee Appleblossom Festival, Pendleton Round-Up, Medford Pear Blossom Festival, White Rock (BC) Sea Festival, and Rogers Santa Claus Parade (Vancouver, BC).

New ideas that we're considering include:

Useful Contact Information

Tom Higham Contact Info

Many of you have worked with Tom Higham, who handles TBGO's overnight travel (and personal travel for many of us).

Mailing Address:

Tom Higham
dba Travel by Tom Higham
9580 SW 146th Terrace, Suite #1
Beaverton, OR 97007


Cell:   (503) 484-8842

(503) 336-0868




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