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Mar 17, 2018
Mar 18, 2018
Apr 5, 2018
Apr 7, 2018
April 18-25, 2018
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General Info:

  • If you need MUSIC for an event, email the TBGO Librarian (currently Dan Dees) as soon as possible so that he can have parts ready for you. You can reach him as librarian@thebeatgoesonmb.org.
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Murphy's Furniture St. Patrick's Day Parade 2018 - Sat Mar 17

Murphy's Furniture has been hosting this "harbinger of Spring" in Hillsboro since 1979 and this year they get ... us!

Uniform:  DRESS uniform - TBGO polo shirt, black pants/belt, black socks, black shoes, TBGO hat. TBGO black lightweight jacket optional; if you don't have the jacket, may substitute any solid black non-logoed jacket. Feel free to add green and shamrocks! NEW: If you wear a jacket, please wear your shirt TUCKED-IN. We also prefer that you tuck in your shirt if you're wearing a fanny pack (both the "fanny pack over the shirt" and "fanny pack under the shirt" looks are pretty unattractive and detract from the look of the band).

Meet:  At 10 AM at Hare Field (1151 NE Grant St) in Hillsboro (click here for map and directions).

Parking:  Parking is most probably on-street; we will let you know if we learn anything more useful. I'd recommend staying north of Hare Field so that you don't get trapped inside the parade route.

Parade Route: Parade steps off at 11 AM and is a loop beginning and ending at Hare Field; see map at right. , Route is about 2.4 mi long, so we'll actually get a bit of a workout!

Parade Music: We're using the Bloemencorso tunes - a great opportunity to practice your memorization- plus adding "Boston" since it's St Patrick's Day!

  1. Uptown Funk
  2. I'm Shipping Up to Boston
  3. We Like to Party
  4. Fireball
  5. Venus

Post-Func:  Sports Look (350 SW Washington St) is hosting a Corned Beef and Cabbage Lunch following the parade, so drop by if you need to increase your Irishness.


NE Portland St. Patrick's Day Parade 2018 - Sun Mar 18

Northeast Portland is throwing its 29th annual St Patrick's Day Parade (read the story of this quirky event here). It's a small parade, but they caught us in a weak moment (and we can use the parade practice before the trip!).

Uniform:  DRESS uniform - TBGO polo shirt, black pants/belt, black socks, black shoes, TBGO hat. TBGO black lightweight jacket optional; if you don't have the jacket, may substitute any solid black non-logoed jacket. Feel free to add green and shamrocks! NEW: If you wear a jacket, please wear your shirt TUCKED-IN. We also prefer that you tuck in your shirt if you're wearing a fanny pack (both the "fanny pack over the shirt" and "fanny pack under the shirt" looks are pretty unattractive and detract from the look of the band).

Meet:  At Noon at Beverly Cleary School, NE 33rd Ave and NE Hancock St. (See map at right; click here for printable PDF). (Click here for Google map and directions)

Parking:  We are advised that the school parking lot is quite small and may be closed on the weekend, so your best bet is to take advantage of ample on-street parking (green lines on map at right; click here for printable PDF).

Parade Route: Parade steps off at 1 PM heading west on Hancock St, turns north on 17th Ave, then returns to the school on Tillamook St. Astonishingly, the route appears to be about 1.6 mi long. Expect the route to be narrow (kinda like Multnomah Village).

Parade Music: We're using the Bloemencorso tunes - a great opportunity to practice your memorization- plus adding "Boston" since it's St Patrick's Day!

  1. Uptown Funk
  2. I'm Shipping Up to Boston
  3. We Like to Party
  4. Fireball
  5. Venus

Post-Func:  We're not that far from Sam's Billiards and/or Columbia River Brewing Company, so don't be surprised if folks go to break bread afterward.


Mardi Gras staging

Business Expo West - Thu April 5 2018

Business Expo West provides a community experience with "Business opportunities, networking, training, music, food, fun!" from Noon to 4 PM on April 5. As always (this is our sixth year), this should be a nice opportunity to introduce TBGO to a wide variety of folks who may find new and interesting ways to use us in the future!

Shape of the Day:  Our playing time for this one is relatively brief, but we will also staff a booth at the expo and talk about the band to attendees. The Expo opens at Noon, our performance slot is at 1 PM (see below).

Meet:  At Tektronix Building 38. Meeting time is 12:20 PM. This year we will perform at 1 PM to kick off the event. We will play a few tunes (about 15 minutes) to get things going, hang around through the short program, then perhaps play another tune or two to send people back to the expo floor in a good mood.

Location:  The Tektronix campus is located at 14200 SW Karl Braun Drive in Beaverton, but Building 38 is located at 13600 SW Terman Rd in Beaverton, near the intersection with Zworykin Ave. (Your homework: Look up Vladimir Zworykin and Frederick Terman to see why these particular streets are named for them.) Click here for customized map and directions, or click any map at right for larger version.

Once you're inside the show, we are in the same location as last year. Our location is at the back of the room and toward the RIGHT. (You shouldn't have any trouble finding us; we'll be the ones in the purple shirts.)

Uniform: TBGO collared polo, black pants/belt/socks/shoes. Black turtleneck optional if you think you'll be cool, though we'll be indoors the whole time. NO HAT for this event. Please leave cases in the car since we have only a limited amount of space around our booth area (and we plan to fill it with musicians!).

Transportation:  BESThq is running a shuttle this year that allows you to arrive via MAX and shuttle between Tek - MAX - BESThq. (This would also simplify parking for you if you want to attend the post-event party; see below). Click here for additional info.

Visiting the Expo:  You're encouraged to visit the other booths in the Expo if you have time. It's a great way to see what else is available, and it's one way we can help create value for the other Expo sponsors.

Post-Event Party:  Once again BestHQ is hosting an after-party at BestHQ headquarters from 4:30 -7 PM following the Expo.  You’re invited to mix and mingle (and drink a brew).  BestHQ is located at 12745 SW Beaverdam Rd, not far from the Expo. Be warned that parking is awkward! You may want to consider parking at one of the nearby MAX stations and using the BESThq Shuttle or use the shuttle to/from Tektronix.

Music: I'm planning for three tunes: Two before the speeches, one after the speeches. I'll also list a few extra tunes in case we need them.

We Like to Party

Uptown Funk


Daffodil Festival - Sat April 7 2018

NOTE: It's still early, details may change!!!

A fun new event! Not only do we get to "do our thing" in two cities (Puyallup and Sumner, Washington) -- we get to be part of a progressive parade! Yep, it's a four part parade (though we'll only participate in two parts because hey -- boundaries, ya know!)

The parade will have over 180 entries including floats, bands, marching and mounted units. The floats are decorated with thousands of fresh cut bright and sunny daffodils that have been grown in the Puyallup Valley for over the last 80 years.

We're planning a great day trip for this one. Highly recommend that you sign up to ride one of TBGO motor coaches since it'll be the easiest way to go hoppin' around the various locations.

Parade Logistics

Uniform:  DRESS uniform - TBGO polo shirt, black pants/belt, black socks, black shoes, TBGO hat. Wear a black turtleneck under the polo shirt if desired for additional warmth. We will monitor weather for potential jacket use


Parade Music: We're using the Bloemencorso tunes - a great opportunity to practice your memorization!

  1. Uptown Funk
  2. We Like to Party
  3. Fireball
  4. Venus

Shape of the Day

We'll depart the Portland area at 6:45 AM (sorry!) to head north. We'll make a Vancouver pickup, and we'll also stop in Kelso for a coffee/bathroom break (you choose the order <grin>) plus a pickup for folks from that side of the world. Onward to Sparks Stadium in Puyallup! We'll grab some early lunch at South Hill Mall in Puyallup (which should be easier than trying to eat near the Stadium as we did last year) and then march the Puyallup segment of the parade that steps off at 12:45 PM. This parade is approximately 1 mile long. Immediately following, we reboard our motor coaches for the 10 minute drive to Sumner. Unload and then it's parade time again at or after 2:30 PM (depending on our location in the parade). The Sumner parade is approximately 0.5 mile long. Then it's time to head for home with a brief light dinner break in Centralia en route. Detailed itinerary below.

  Puyallup Parade Route Sumner Parade Route

Motor Coach Pricing

We are offering STEEPLY DISCOUNTED PRICING to ride the TBGO motor coaches, subsidized via the band fund, especially if you book EARLY. Our cost to rent the motor coaches is $37/seat, but you pay only:

Reserve your seat using the Survey Monkey link below (be sure to let us know which pickup point you'll use when you fill in the survey). You can pay for your trip via PayPal on the Payments page or pay via cash/check at rehearsal. Be sure to use a separate signup for each traveler.



IMPORTANT: Self-drivers, be sure to carefully read through the instructions and maps so that you don't get stuck or rerouted in impossible traffic. I've highlighted portions of the instructions that you'll want to read. I have emailed the organizers with questions about where you should park, how things should work if you're driving to Sumner, etc. This thing is VERY well orchestrated, so you'll need to be sure to follow instructions. I'll keep this location updated as I learn more.

To make the day easier, you may prefer to drive to Puyallup and then use the TBGO motor coaches to shuttle to and from Sumner. Meet our motor coaches at South Hill Mall when we arrive for lunch before the parade. You'll board the coaches at the Mall and we'll drop you back there on the way home. We recommend meeting the coaches at 10:45 and eating lunch with everyone else, but in any case be sure to arrive before the coaches depart for the parade staging area at 11:30. See Shuttle Pickup section below for additional maps and details.

"Full rides" get first dibs on seats, but I anticipate that we are likely to have enough room to accommodate those who wish to shuttle. Shuttle ride is available for $6 per person.

SELF-DRIVERS BE SURE TO SIGN UP using Survey Monkey below so that we know who is performing and can have the Daffodil Festival hold a parking space for you at the Stadium. The survey will also give you a chance to request a shuttle seat if you'd like one.

Daffodil Festival Sign Up


Detailed Itinerary

Daffodil Festival Detailed Itinerary - Saturday April 8
Time Band Members Motor Coaches Comments
6:15 AM Arrive at Portland area departure location, currently Southwest Bible Church, 14605 SW Weir Rd, Beaverton. This location may change to Sunset Transit Center if our request is approved by TriMet. Board coaches. See below for maps and details. Coaches arrive at Portland area departure location.  
6:45 AM   Motor coaches depart at 6:45 AM sharp. MOTOR COACHES WILL NOT WAIT FOR LATE ARRIVALS.  
6:55 AM If you are boarding the motor coaches in Vancouver, arrive at C-Tran 99th Street Transit Center (9700 NE 7th Ave., Hazel Dell, WA). See below for maps and details.    
7:15 AM Board motor coaches at C-Tran 99th Street Transit Center Motor coaches arrive at Vancouver pickup location (C-Tran 99th Street Transit Center). MOTOR COACHES WILL NOT WAIT FOR LATE ARRIVALS.  
7:30 AM   Motor coaches depart Vancouver.  
8:15 AM If you are boarding the motor coaches in Kelso, arrive at McDonald's on S Kelso Dr. See below for maps and details. Arrive at Kelso McDonald's for rest stop. YOU MUST MAKE YOUR OWN ARRANGEMENTS FOR PARKING
8:45 AM   Motor coaches depart Kelso  
10:45 AM Self-drivers who wish to ride the shuttle meet the motor coaches at South Hill Mall.   Time to grab a quick lunch
10:45 AM   Motor coaches arrive at South Hill Mall for lunch. Time to grab a quick lunch
11:30 AM   Coaches depart South Hill Mall for the brief trip to Sparks Stadium with "full day" riders and shuttle riders aboard.  
11:30 AM If you are driving on your own and you are NOT riding the shuttle, meet the coaches and band at Sparks Stadium. Motor coaches arrive at Sparks Stadium, 601 7th Ave SW, Puyallup, WA Be ready to form up, warm up, and move into the stadium at Noon.
12:00 PM (noon) Band moves into stadium to await parade start.    
12:45 PM Puyallup section of Daffodil Parade steps off    
1:50 PM (approx) TBGO finishes Puyallup parade. Motor coach riders and shuttle riders board coaches for transport to Sumner. Motor coaches available for boarding at end of Puyallup parade  
2:00 PM (approx)   Coaches head to Sumner  
2:10 PM (approx) Hop off coaches and form up in Sumner staging area, ready to go! Coaches arrive at staging area of Sumner section of Daffodil parade  
2:30 PM Sumner section of Daffodil Parade steps off    
3:45 PM (approx) TBGO finishes Sumner parade and boards coaches.    
4:00 PM (approx)   Depart Sumner  
4:10 PM (approx) Drop self-drivers back at South Hill Mall at their cars. Drop self-drivers back at South Hill Mall at their cars.  
5:15 PM   Arrive in Centralia (Exit 82) for light dinner break Assorted fast food restaurants available to grab a little food.
6:00 PM All aboard! Depart Centralia Depart Centralia  
7:00 PM (approx)   Arrive Kelso and drop Kelso passengers  
7:40 PM (approx)   Arrive C-Tran 99th Street Transit Center, drop Vancouver passengers  
8:30 PM (approx)   Arrive at Portland area departure location (SW Bible Church) for final passenger drop  


Motor Coach Pickup Locations

Our motor coaches to the Daffodil Festival have three pick-up points:

  • Southwest Bible Church, 14605 SW Weir Rd, Beaverton (map and directions)
  • C-TRAN 99th Street Transit Center at Stockford Village (9700 NE 7th Ave, Hazel Dell, WA) (map and directions)
  • McDonald's (300 S Kelso Drive, Kelso, WA) (map and directions) - NOTE THE CHANGE! This is just slightly north of the old pickup spot at the Red Lion.

The Southwest Bible Church pickup point is our primary pickup point with plenty of parking available.

We have secondary pickup locations in Vancouver and Kelso. Vancouver is a transit station, so parking is available. We have NOT arranged for parking in Kelso, so you will either need to do that on your own or arrange to have someone drop you off and pick you up.

Arrival and departure times are shown in the Detailed Itinerary above. Please let us know which pick-up point you will use when you make your reservation using Survey Monkey.

SW Bible Church

Beaverton Bus Pickup at Southwest Bible Church (above)


Kelso Pick-Up Point:

  • Our Kelso pick-up location has CHANGED. The motor coaches will be stopping for restroom and refreshment break at McDonald's, just north of our former long-time pickup spot at the Red Lion Hotel. See map below.
  • You need to arrange parking at this location; if you're lucky, Chuck Jackson will prearrange that for you again this year <grin>.

To reach 99th Street Transit Center (9700 NE 7th Ave, Hazel Dell):

  • Take Exit 5 from I-5 to NE 99th St, then turn west on NE 99th St
  • Turn left (south) on NE 7th Ave (between McDonald's and ARCO)
  • Go about 1-1/2 blocks to 99th Street Transit Center on your right.
  • Turn into the Transit Center and proceed to the farthest (southernmost) area of the parking lot (see red line on map); the coach will pick you up here.
Kelso McDonald's

Kelso Bus Pickup (above) --

Vancouver Bus Pickup (above) --


Shuttle Pickup Location

Those who have reserved shuttle seats should meet the motor coaches at South Hill Mall, 3500 S Meridian in Puyallup (map and directions). I haven't confirmed this with Tom yet, but I imagine that you should look to meet the coaches near the Food Court located on the north side of the Mall near Regal Cinemas. We recommend arriving around 10:45 and grabbing a quick lunch with the folks who rode up on the bus. Coaches will depart the Mall at 11:30 AM, so be sure to arrive before that time!


Shuttle Pickup at South Hill Mall, Puyallup (above)

South Hill Mall detail showing Food Court location (above )



Bloemencorso Bollenstreek - Netherlands Trip

Signup details for the Netherlands trip been moved off this page. To see the detailed itinerary, payment details, etc. click over to this page.

The official website of Bloemencorso Bollenstreek can be found here. The flyer with entire route is available here.

Evening Parade (Friday April 20) - Noordwijkerhout

The Friday evening parade steps off in Noordwijkerhout at 9 PM. Our contact says the length is 1.2 mi, but laying out on Google Maps suggests that it's more like 1.6 mi (2.5 km). Expect to be on the street about 50 minutes once we step off. This is an ILLUMINATED parade, so we should plan to light up and look sharp! It may be time to break out the flashing purple fedoras again. Click the map at right for a larger version, or click here for route map from the official website. Historical average low temperature for this date is about 44 °F, so we may want to consider using one of our choices of jackets for this parade (or perhaps go with turtlenecks beneath the uniform shirts).

Live Streaming

A live stream of the parade may be available at this page beginning at 9 PM Netherlands time (12:00 Noon Portland time).

Daytime Parade (Saturday April 21) - Sassenheim to Lisse

The daytime parade steps off at 9:30 AM in Noordwijk and ends 40 km (24 miles) later in Haarlem. Our segment of the parade steps off at 2 PM in Sassenheim, ending in Lisse as shown on map at right (click map to enlarge). Our contact says the parade is about 4.3 mi long, but my layout on Google Maps says it may be as much as 4.8 mi (7.7 km). In any case, be prepared for a hike! Expect to be on the street for 2 to 2.5 hours once we step off. Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to line the route, which passes right by the world-famous Keukenhof Gardens. Historical average high temperature for this date is about 53 °F.

Live Streaming

A live stream of the section of the parade that TBGO will march may be available at this page beginning at 2 PM Netherlands time (5 AM Portland time).

Parade Music:

We will use these four tunes (in some order) for both Bloemencorso Parades:

  1. Venus
  2. We Like to Party
  3. Fireball
  4. Uptown Funk

I highly recommend that you memorize as much as you can of all four of these tunes, both to improve your parade experience and to improve the band's performance, especially for the night parade.

Condensed Itinerary

See details page for more info about itinerary, including hotels.

Wed April 18 Fly to Amsterdam
Thu April 19 Arrive Amsterdam; rest of day free to acclimate.
Fri April 20 Visit Keukenhof Castle and Gardens. ILLUMINATED PARADE in the evening.
Sun April 22 Visit Zaanse Schans Windmills. Visit Utrecht.
Mon April 23 Half-day city tour plus free time.
Tue April 24 Visit Rijkmuseum plus free time.
Wed April 25 Fly to U.S. (basic trip) or depart for Bruges and Paris (extended trip). Overnight in Paris.
Thu April 26 Half-day tour (Paris) plus free time.
Fri April 27 Full free day to explore Paris.
Sat April 28 Depart for Strasbourg with stop in Verdun along the way. Overnight in Strasbourg.
Sun April 29 Depart along the Romantic Road with stop in Dachau. Overnight in Munich.
Mon Apr 30 Visit Fussen, Neuschwanstein Castle, Hohenschwangau Castle. Overnight in Munich.
Tue May 1

Depart for Salzburg, with half-day "Sound of Music" tour plus free time.

Wed May 2 Visit Innsbruck en route to Lucerne. Overnight in Lucerne.
Thu May 3 Tour Mt. Pilatus, with cogwheel railway and lake steamer trips. Still in Lucerne.
Fri May 4 Morning free. Mid-afternoon departure for Zurich. Overnight in Zurich near airport.
Sat May 5 Fly to U.S.



Long-Term Travel Plans

Major Road Trips

The Board has been talking with members informally to get travel ideas, and there's no shortage of fun things to do. After long discussion we have a plan to propose, built using these criteria:

It's time to put together the new travel plan with your input and then head off for new adventures!

Here's our current thinking on major road trips:

April 2018 or 2019: Bloemencorso Bollenstreek (Netherlands)

Bloemencorso Bollenstreek is a huge flower parade taking place every spring in the Netherlands, not far from Amsterdam.  The parade features elaborate floats decorated with bulb flowers (tulips, daffodils, etc.) and is a major event. See poll above to add your thoughts on making this trip.

Date TBD: Alaska Cruise

In the aftermath of our Bahamas cruise in 2012 we get lots of other "cruise" suggestions, with Alaska being among the most popular.We would look at a departure just after Rose Festival, before the rates climb to the stratosphere. This would be an Inside Passage trip, probably departing from and returning to Seattle. Typical itineraries on these trips include port stops at Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway, plus one or more days of cruising in Glacier Bay National Park. Plus whales, mountains, lots of gorgeous … you get the idea. The major problem with an Alaska trip is that there are no good existing events to target (the largest we can find is the July Fourth Parade in Juneau) and it would be challenging to coordinate a cruise schedule with events taking place in the ports. This would have to be another "invent your own venue" kind of trip, much like the Bahamas, which takes more work and probably results in smallish crowds. Estimated logistics: 7 nights, $1200-1400 per person (which includes food and all the usual cruise ship amenities)

DATE TBD: Kentucky Derby

On the first Saturday in May, "the most exciting two minutes in sports" takes place at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. Two days before the Derby the Pegasus Parade rolls 1.7 miles through the streets of Louisville with giant helium balloons of recognized characters, spectacular floats, marching bands, equestrian units, local and national celebrities (previous Grand Marshals include William Shatner, Gladys Knight, Muhammad Ali, Chubby Checker, Mickey Mouse, and Cyndi Lauper), and exciting performance groups. We would probably NOT attend the actual Derby; general admission in the infield is $75-$100 (and you can't see the race), with grandstand seating in the multiple hundreds of dollars. But other local attractions include the Great Steamboat Race, a full slate of Festival events, and tours of the Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat Factory/Museum. We'd also probably arrange a "touring" day through the Bourbon Trail, My Old Kentucky Home, and (maybe) Lincoln's Birthplace in Hodgenville. Yet another possibility would be to make the 90 minute drive to Cincinnati for a performance along the Ohio River, a Cincinnati Reds game, or a visit to Kings Island amusement park. Estimate 4 nights, $1000 per person.

Date TBD: Hawaii

Another perennial request. The most likely opportunity would be the Honolulu Festival Parade of Bands in March. The parade, which draws some 40,000 viewers, is currently considered the best parade in the state. There is a band and orchestra festival the same weekend, but that seems more geared to concert band performances. Overall, we think Hawaii is a great vacation destination but only a so-so target for a band trip. Nonetheless, we'll keep an eye out because you never know when we'll find just the right thing! Estimate 4 nights, $900-$1100 per person.

Date TBD: Cultural Tour of Cuba

We love the idea of a cultural barnstorming tour through Cuba, but it's still a little too soon for us to consider it - not enough flights, not enough rooms, too hard to execute. But we're gonna keep an eye on this one. Estimate 6 nights, $2000 per person.

Date TBD: McDonald's Thanksgiving Parade (Chicago)

We receive multiple solicitations for the McDonald's Thanksgiving Parade in Chicago each year, so our odds of getting in would probably be okay. Pluses: Major city, major parade, giant balloons, nationwide TV coverage on WGN, new area of country for us, holiday shopping along the Miracle Mile. Minuses: Chicago in November .... Estimate 3 nights at $950.

Date TBD: Village Halloween Parade (New York City)

Hundreds of giant puppets, more than 50 bands with music from around the world, thousands of New Yorkers in costumes of their own creation - sounds pretty wild, huh? And October would undoubtedly be warmer than, oh, the Macy's Parade in November. (Speaking of which: We think we would have to signficantly grow the band to even consider applying for Macy's, and we'd also have to be much "spiffier" in our uniforms and routines.) Anyway - Halloween in Greenwich Village could be fun! Estimate 3 nights at $1000-1100; would probably offer optional extensions.

Other "Big Ideas"

There are plenty of other ideas floating around, including a return to China (for example, the Luoyang Peony Festival with a side trip to see the Terracotta Warriors of X'ian), a return to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, etc. Both Bristol, Rhode Island and the Calgary Stampede have told us we'd be welcome back. The Board plans to work through some of these ideas and we also plan to survey our band associates to see what sounds popular and then put together a plan.

Regional Trips and Mini-Trips

Besides our annual "big road trip", we want to make a conscious effort to broaden our reach in regional events. This will certainly include day trips, but we'd also love to add roughly one "mini-trip" each year if the band can support it. In general, we'd try to space mini-trips so that they don't fall right on top of a major trip (i.e., we'll try to create "breathing room" between trips as much as we can.) A mini-trip would typically be closer to home, include a 1-2 night hotel stay, and cost in the range of $200-$350. Examples of mini-trips that we've done include the Wenatchee Appleblossom Festival, Pendleton Round-Up, Medford Pear Blossom Festival, White Rock (BC) Sea Festival, and Rogers Santa Claus Parade (Vancouver, BC).

New ideas that we're considering include:

Useful Contact Information

Tom Higham Contact Info

Many of you have worked with Tom Higham, who handles TBGO's overnight travel (and personal travel for many of us).

Mailing Address:

Tom Higham
dba Travel by Tom Higham
9580 SW 146th Terrace, Suite #1
Beaverton, OR 97007


Cell:   (503) 484-8842

(503) 336-0868




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