Travel Insurance

TBGO travel packages (like so many travel packages everywhere) are non-refundable. To protect yourself in case of problems that prevent or interrupt your travel, you may wish to consider purchasing travel insurance.

Many people do not understand the value of travel insurance until certain things happen, such as having to cancel their trip due to illness, injury, or death to themselves or immediate family members that would prevent them from taking a trip they have planned on taking. Many people believe that their home owner's policy or other insurance may protect their investment if you are forced to cancel your trip, but typically it does not.

Trip cancellation can happen at any age (not just age 60 and above), but the likelihood of health problems increases as we age. Travel insurance also protects you should you need to change travel plans because a family member develops health issues. Your policy protects you against such things as Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Missed Connection, Itinerary Change, Travel Delay, Accident & Sickness Medical Expense, Emergency Medical Evacuation/Repatriation (Air Ambulance), Travel Accident Protection, Baggage & Personal Effects, and Delayed Baggage.

Another reason for having travel coverage is that many countries around the world that have socialized medicine don't want to be stuck with medical costs you may have accrued and don't have the means to pay for it. Yet another reason is that Medicare does not cover you outside the USA, including traveling to Canada or Mexico or taking a cruise. Click here to know more about What is Travel Protection?

TBGO travelers may optionally elect to purchase one of two plans with Travel Insured International: Worldwide Trip Protector Plus or the standard Worldwide Trip Protector. The big difference between the Plus program and the standard Worldwide Trip Protector plan is that the Plus plan lets you cancel for any reason and get 75% of your trip costs back. The cancellation portion of the standard Worldwide Trip Protector, which most people tend to take, covers you for valid sickness, injury, or death to you or immediate family members. Your premium will run more on the Plus plan as it allows you to for cancel for any reason. This chart will provide you an outline of coverages between the two plans.

Your premium is based upon the cost of the trip and your age. Here are sample costs of coverage for someone age 60 for $2000.00 coverage and $4000.00 coverage for both the Worldwide Trip Protector Plus and the standard Worldwide Trip Protector. This will provide you with an idea of costs knowing the premium will be less for someone under 60 and a bit more for someone older. Tom will be happy to provide you a specific price quote for your situation.

Travel Protection Example Pricing
Plan $2000 Coverage $4000 Coverage
Worldwide Trip Protector Plus age 60 $181.00 $414.00
Worldwide Trip Protector age 60 $129.00 $276.00

To be sure you are fully covered, especially for pre-existing reasons, you must purchase your travel insurance within 21 days of your travel deposit (best to do it at the time you are making your trip deposit so that way you know you have it handled). You will be offered an opportunity to purchase travel insurance when filling out the Survey Monkey sign-up for the trip.