Policies and Procedures for Band Associates


This page serves as a repository for policies, procedures, and other documents of The Beat Goes On Marching Band that should be easily accessible to TBGO Band Associates.

Available Documents

TBGO Mission Statement

The band's Mission Statement, along with a brief description of the organization. (The latter is now a bit dated, but still largely correct.)

COVID-19 Policies for 2021

COVID-19 Policies for 2021 contains policies enacted by the TBGO Board for the safe resumption of post-pandemic rehearsals and events. Aspects of these policies are reflected in the current Code of Conduct Guidelines.

Code of Conduct Guidelines

Expectations that TBGO places on the behavior of all Band Associates. The Conduct of Conduct Guidelines are updated and signed annually by all Band Associates.

Travel Assistance Program - Guidelines and Process

Describes TBGO's Travel Assistance Program including the program's intent, award criteria, and details of its process and implementation.

TBGO Rooming Policy for Overnight Trips

Describes the rationale and requirements for rooming options (Single, Double, Triple, Quad) for overnight trips. In particular, it describes the requirement for a verified rooming list for all travelers requesting Triple or Quad accommodations.

Guidelines for Minor Children Performing with the Band

As an all-adult band, TBGO requires its Band Associates to be at least 18 years of age or a high school graduate. However, Band Associates periodically enquire about the possibility of bringing children or grandchildren to participate in an event. The Guidelines for Minor Children Performing with the Band contain the TBGO policy on such participation.

Dance Team Policies and Procedures

For policies specific to the Dance Team, including criteria for prospective new dancers, application process, and other Dance Team general guidelines, please see the Dance Team page.