TBGO Rooming Policy for Overnight Trips

Rooming Lists

For most TBGO overnight trips, we offer single / double / triple / quad pricing, with cost varying by number of people sharing a hotel room. As of April 2012, we have modified our policy on triple and quad rooms as described below.

First though, a brief explanation of what prompted the policy change. We ask for your "preferred roommate" list when you sign up for a trip, and it's easy for Tom to book the right rooms for everyone when we get roommate lists. In the past, we've also been willing to "matchmake" for folks who haven't listed roommates. This is where we have run into difficulties, particularly for people who want triple or quad rooms. The issue occurs when:

In such a case, we either have to move the person to a double or single room at higher cost (which makes the person cranky), or Tom has to try to see if he can find other folks who might accept an extra roommate (which makes Tom cranky). To avoid these problems, we are requiring a rooming list for all triple and quad rooms at the time of sign-up. This allow band members to handle the decisions about "who goes into which rooms" while letting Tom and the travel team concentrate on handling the myriad travel details for the trip.

Here is the policy for handling rooming requests:

List of Available Roommates

Many of you already know who you're going to room with, but if you're looking for roommate(s) we'll give you a hand. To make it easier for you to find roommates, we will maintain and circulate a list of folks who are looking for roommates. We are currently handling this email list. If you plan to to attend an upcoming trip and are looking for a roommate, drop Steve a quick email and say "Put me on the list of Available Roommates". Please also let him know what kinds of rooming (Double, Triple, Quad) you're willing to accept. For example, if you want to be on the list and are willing to stay in a Double or Triple room but not a Quad room, you might send something like this:

Please put me on the list of Available Roommates for [name of trip].

NAME: Joe or Jane Q. Public

We'll maintain the list and send the band updates via email periodically. Just to be clear, we will NOT post your name online - the Available Roommates list will be sent to band members only via email. To contact folks on the list, you may need contact information from the TBGO Roster. (We share the roster with band members periodically; if you don't have one, contact Steve).

If you've put your name on the Available Roommates list and complete your rooming list arrangements, please drop Steve a note so that he takes you OFF the list (which will save you from having to fend off additional roommates).