TBGO New Twirler Criteria

Updated May 10, 2022

A review committee consisting of or appointed by the Leadership Team will audition prospective twirlers.

Prospective additions to the twirler team must demonstrate and agree to the following:

  • At the audition:
    • Perform a short (1 minute) routine that you have prepared which includes 5 different twirls using both hands and 2 different tosses.
    • Demonstrate ability to learn a short routine at the audition and perform it while following another twirler.
    • Perform the routine from the video sent prior to audition.
  • Additional expectations:
    • Be experienced in, or have the ability to learn, how to: march, count beats, understand signals, guide right, halt, etc. - previous marching band experience is a plus.
    • Attend and participate in practices as much as possible.
    • Participate in parades and field shows.
      • Have the fitness level to actively participate in parades up to 3 miles long.
    • Be responsible for learning routines for each event or performance.
      • Be willing to attend special teaching practices to aid in learning the routines.
      • Be willing to work at home on learning the routines from our video library.
    • Have the ability to purchase costume material, accessories etc.
      • Roughly $200-$600 over time.
      • Travel expenses for longer trips.
    • Conform to our twirling and marching style.
    • Follow The Beat Goes On Marching Band Code of Conduct.