TBGO Virtual Band Projects - General Information

This page contains general information on TBGO's Virtual Band projects. Specific information for each project can be found under the appropriate song heading on the Rehearsal Music page.

Project-Specific Information

The following items are all part of the project-specific information found under the appropriate song heading on the Rehearsal Music page. :

How to Use the Master Track

When practicing, you can play the track any way you like and as loud as you like and just play along with it.  However, when you're ready to record you must use earphones or earbuds because we don't want the sound from the Master Track to be on your recording.  In that same vein, don't play the Master Track too loud when recording (even with headphones on) because we don't want sound leaking from your headphones onto your recorded video.  We just want all you, baby!

Recording Your Video

When it's time to record your video, you will need TWO devices: one to LISTEN to the Master Track and one to RECORD (video) your performance.  The listening device can be anything that will play an MP3 and allow you to use earphones (smartphone, tablet, PC/Mac, iPod).  The recording device can be anything that will record a video clip (smartphone, tablet, PC/Mac with webcam, video camera).  For most people, a smartphone or tablet is the easiest way to record.

It's also okay to record your audio and video separately as long as I know what you're doing. That lets you record a "costumed" video and then work on recording your audio track until you get one that makes you happy. NEW RECOMMENDATION: If you are recording audio and video separately, please DO play the master track out loud when you do your video-only filming; it's easy for you, I'm just going to toss that audio track anyway, and I've learned tha it makes it easier for me to correctly sync the video with the group audio track. This applies ONLY to video-only filming; be sure we don't hear the master track on your audio recording.

Auxiliaries and Support Staff: You can play the Master Track aloud when recording your video since the audio track from your recording won't be used anyway.

Feel free to upload additional still photos that might be fun to use in the finished video.

PERCUSSION AND TUBAS:  I especially appreciate getting your recordings early since yours are the first recordings I process so I have a rhythm track to use with all the other parts.

What If I Can't Do Video Recording?

Good news:  You can still participate, as long as you can record audio.  You still need two devices (one to listen to the Master Track on headphones, one to record yourself playing.  Follow the same procedures as the video recorders and you'll be added into the Virtual Band recording.

How to Make Your Recording

A Few Recording Tips

How to Submit Your Finished Recording

When the Dropbox upload link asks for your NAME, use this convention:
                <Part Name> <Your Last Name>

                Trumpet3 Lamb
                Clarinet2 Higham
                Tuba Dees
                Twirler Sanders
                Support Kane

Keeping the naming consistent makes it easier for me to keep everything straight on my end.  However, if you're having trouble, don't sweat it – just do whatever works..

A new Dropbox folder is set up to hold the incoming recordings for each project.  You do not have to have a Dropbox account or be a Dropbox user to submit your file this way. The link to the Dropbox folder is available in the project-specific information.

To start, click on the link to the Dropbox folder. You'll be asked for your name, email address, and location of your recording.  For NAME, please use the convention described above. Fill in the info and click Upload.  Voila!  Your recording will be copied to the Dropbox folder as if by magic!  When the upload completes, you'll receive an email from Dropbox telling you the upload was successful and I'll receive an email to let me know it arrived.

If you have trouble with the Dropbox upload, just retry it.  If you still have problems, you can use We Transfer as an alternate technique.  Go to http://wetransfer.com and follow the instructions.