The Beat Goes On
Marching Band
Board of Directors


Directors for The Beat Goes On Marching Band serve two-year terms. Terms are staggered so that approximately half the board is up for election each year.

Board Adjuncts are elected annually and serve one-year terms. While Board Adjuncts do not have a formal vote on Board matters, they commit to attend Board meetings, take an active role in Board discussions and decisions, and take on regular work assignments.


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Mugshot Name Section Roles Email Term Ends
Jan Clark F Horn Board Adjunct jan AT Dec 2024
Dan Dees Sousaphone Director,
Tuba Section Rep
dan AT
librarian AT
Dec 2025
Tom Higham Clarinet Travel Director tom AT Dec 2024
Jenny Krems F Horn Board Secretary,
Assistant Music Director
jenny AT Dec 2024
Sue Lamb Trumpet Board Adjunct sue AT Dec 2024
Jon Norstog Trumpet Board Adjunct jon AT Dec 2024
Gayle Ruhlen F Horn Board Adjunct gayle AT Dec 2024
Janet Tolopka Alto Sax Treasurer,
Sax Section Rep
janet AT Dec 2024
Steve Tolopka Tenor Sax President &
Music Director
steve AT
director AT
Dec 2024
Kim Wirtz Twirler Booking Director kim AT Dec 2025
Barb Zahler Twirler Director barb AT Dec 2025