The Beat Goes On Marching Band
Section Reps


Section Reps for The Beat Goes On Marching Band are folks who help their respective sections. They are not necessarily "first chair leads" in the traditional sense (although they may be), but have volunteered to be the "go to" people for their sections and are typically among the first folks to welcome you to the band when you join. If you have questions about something band-related and want a friendly face to ask, your Section Rep is a great place to start. Wanna know how things work at a gig? Yep, your Section Rep can help fill you in. If you miss a rehearsal and want to know if changes got made in the music or in the way we articulate a particular phrase - again, your Section Rep can tell you. Basically, our Section Reps are a useful resource whenever you want to know how the band works or how your section handles things.

The current TBGO Section Reps are shown below.

Mugshot Name Section Other Roles Email
Terri Cone Flute    
Michael Goldsmith Clarinet   clarinetrep AT
Janet Tolopka Saxophones Treasurer & Quartermaster janet AT
Sue Lamb Trumpets Board Adjunct sue AT
Janet Strand F Horns   janethorn AT
Clark Brooks Trombones & Baritones   clark.d.brooks AT
Dan Dees Sousaphones
("Tuba Poobah")
Board Member & Librarian dan AT
librarian AT
Elton Aguilar Percussion    
Barb Zahler Twirlers Board Member barb AT
Pat Christiansen Dance Team Dance Captain pat AT
Tom McCann Color Guard Guard Co-Captain tomguard AT
Christine Hammerton Color Guard Guard Co-Captain christine AT