Memorial Donations to The Beat Goes On Marching Band

We're honored that you chose to remember someone special with a Memorial Donation to The Beat Goes On. TBGO's mission is "To encourage a life-long appreciation of music and participation in the joys of music-making through exuberant performances at local, regional, state, national, and international community events while reliving the best parts of the marching band experience that we fondly remember." We like to think that that sense of joy and exuberance resonates with your memories of your Special Person, and we hope you get a deep feeling of satisfaction knowing that your donation will make a difference in TBGO's ability to carry out its mission.

The Beat Goes On Marching Band is an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization; donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Memorial donations to The Beat Goes On Marching Band qualify the donor to make matching donations to the Oregon Cultural Trust that are eligible for Oregon state tax credits to the extent specified by Oregon statute; see the Giving page on the Oregon Cultural Trust website for additional details.

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The Beat Goes On Marching Band
10321 SW Todd St
Portland, OR   97225-6959

We'd love to hear YOUR memories of Your Special Person. Please add a note to your mailed donation or drop an email to the TBGO Treasurer (

To contact us about making a gift to The Beat Goes On in other ways, please send mail to the TBGO Treasurer.

Wall of Honor — TBGO's Memorial Honorees

The Beat Goes On Marching Band is grateful that donations have been to the band in memory of:

John Harlan Steven Marietta Jeanette Tolopka
Marguerite Higham Mary Newell Dickinson John Chilgren
Walter Higham Melanie Schmick Donald Hoffman
Ham Thorne