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July 4, 2024

Claremont Fourth of July

  Long-Term Travel Plans
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Claremont Fourth of July Parade -
Thu July 4, 2024

The Claremont Community stages a July Fourth neighborhood parade every year featuring decorated golf carts, classic cars, and free ice cream and drinks. The sheriff's department sends motorcycle police and TVFR sends a fire engine. And THIS year they'll have a marching band -- us!

Plan of the Day:   We meet at the Clubhouse at Claremont Golf Club. The approximately 1.35 mile parade winds through the streets of the community and finishes back at the Clubhouse. We'll take a short water break following the parade while the crowd does a quick patriotic sing-along with pianist and song leader, then do a 40 minute show featuring many of our patriotic tunes.

Uniform:   INFORMAL uniform: TBGO polo shirt, TBGO hat, black SHORTS/belt, WHITE socks, WHITE shoes. Red, white, and blue decorating encouraged!

Meet / Parking:   At 12:45 pm at the Claremont Golf Club Clubhouse, 15800 NW Country Club Dr (see map). (Click here for Google map and directions.) Parking is available in the Clubhouse visitor parking lot (see parking map). If the parking lot fills up, you can use on-street parking by the townhomes along NW Clubhouse Dr as shown.

Parade: A new parade route is SHORTER than the route we followed two years ago. I'm still verifying that I have an accurate map of the new route, but I believe this is reasonably accurate and about 1.35 miles long. The parade steps off at 1:30 pm and first follows the RED arrows and then switches to the GREEN arrows to return to the Clubhouse (see parade route map).

Concert and Refreshments: Our post-parade concert will be staged outside the pro shop at the Clubhouse. We'll take a short break after the parade (water, restroom, etc.) and then play our show. After the show enjoy beverages and ice cream!

Parade Music:

  1. National Anthem March
  2. Fireball
  3. Tribute to America
  4. Venus

Show Music:

Back in Black


Five O'Clock World

Tribute to America

Light My Fire

Bang Bang

You're a Grand Old Flag

No Roots

We Like to Party

Shut Up and Dance

Hot Stuff

Sweet Caroline

Veterans Salute

Star Trek: TNG

America the Beautiful

We Got the Beat

Long-Term Travel Plans

Major Road Trips

The Board talks with members informally to get travel ideas, and there's no shortage of fun things to do. We've built a long-term travel plan using these criteria:

  • Take account of the "recurring themes" we hear when talking to band associates about travel opportunities.
  • Target events with "cool factor". If we only get to do one a year, it oughta count!
  • Emphasize trips that center around existing events with large, enthusiastic crowds. It's more fun to play for lots of people, and it's a lot easier to draw a crowd when someone else has already done all the work.
  • Have a reasonable belief that it's a trip/event we can successfully execute.
  • Target locations that are likely to have broad appeal to members as "destinations" - there should be fun, exciting touristy things we can do while we are in the area.
  • Try to keep major events 9-15 months apart.
  • Work to keep each trip affordable to the best of our ability.
  • "Start spreading the news" - work on bringing the band to each major area of the country (and beyond).
  • In general, avoid duplicating major trips that we've done previously - we ain't gettin' any younger and there are LOTS of places to go!
  • Look beyond one year to put a multi-year plan in place. We think that a roadmap makes it easier for both the band staff and band associates to plan ahead, and it can also act as a recruiting tool.

Regional Trips and Mini-Trips

Besides our annual "big road trip", we make a conscious effort to broaden our reach in regional events. This will certainly include day trips, but we'd also love to add one or two "mini-trips" each year if the band can support it. In general, we'd try to space mini-trips so that they don't fall right on top of a major trip (i.e., we'll try to create "breathing room" between trips as much as we can.) A mini-trip would typically be closer to home, include a 1-2 night hotel stay, and have lower cost. Examples of mini-trips that we've done include the Autumn Leaf Festival in Leavenworth (WA), Wenatchee Appleblossom Festival, Pendleton Round-Up, Medford Pear Blossom Festival, White Rock (BC) Sea Festival, and Rogers Santa Claus Parade (Vancouver, BC).

Active Travel Plan

In March 2023 the TBGO Board unveiled a new multi-year travel plan at a Zoom meeting, including both regional and major national/international trips through 2028. Here are several options for viewing the plan.

Click the cover slide at right for a video of the Zoom meeting presentation (runs 45:27).
Click the cover slide at right to download a self-running slide show with details of the plan and its trips. It may take a bit for the presentation to download since it's large (114 MB). Launch after it downloads and you can then advance through it using mouse, space bar, enter key, arrow keys, etc.
Click the cover slide at right for a PDF of the presentation. It loses the lovely animations and transitions, but you get all the text.
Click the grid at right for a one-page PDF summary of the plan.


Useful Contact Information

Tom Higham Contact Info

Many of you have worked with Tom Higham, who handles TBGO's overnight travel (and personal travel for many of us).

Mailing Address:

Tom Higham
dba Travel by Tom Higham
9580 SW 146th Terrace, Suite #1
Beaverton, OR 97007


Cell:   (503) 484-8842

(503) 336-0868