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A photo is no substitute for seeing the band in live performance but at least it's a start! Click any pic to see the full-size version. You can save the full-size versions by right-clicking a full size picture and selecting Save Image As ... (or its equivalent).

Want even more pix? You can find all the latest on the TBGO Facebook page, and find TONS more photos from band photographer Brian Stansberry here on Shutterfly.


Trombone group portrait at The Alamo

We do birthdays and anniversaries and more!
Celebrating a very special 90th.

Valentine Surprise for a lucky lady

Even the wet ones are fun! Nation's oldest July 4 parade in Bristol, Rhode Island

Struttin' our stuff at the Calgary Stampede

Special flute attention for a fan in Calgary

Good times at the Calgary Stampede

Standstill show at Plymouth Rock and Mayflower II

Horns lead the way in Bowness, Alberta

Hillsboro Hops game

Thumbs-up from a young Dutch fan

Color guard at Multnomah Village Days

A moment with the crowd at Savannah St Patrick's Day Parade

I wanna be a twirler! (Newberg, Oregon)

Bloemencorso Bollenstreek (Netherlands) - 3 miles down 1.5 to go!

Slot Zuylen, Utrecht, Netherlands

Gettin' down on the Great Wall outside Beijing

A party on the street at Seattle Seafair

Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai

Trumpets are ready to GO!

Through the streets of the Netherlands

Portland Veterans Day Parade

Feeling saxy in San Antonio

Down the midway at the Oregon State Fair

On TV in Shanghai

In Shanghai's largest shopping mall

Shanghai boogie!

Hillsboro Hops mascot directs the band

Antlered up for Portland's holiday parade

More than one way to get down the street!

Seattle Seafair group portrait

Horn section lights the way in San Antonio

What a welcome to Suzhou, China!!!

A budding twirler at Portland's Juneteenth Celebration